In this second chapter I wanted to focus on the female body and the womb, where life is created. This is the gestation of the artwork. The process started with “wombs floating in space” as the basic idea. The idea of the floating wombs come from the fact that I wanted to create a surreal atmosphere, I wanted an image that would be both beautiful and disturbing. I was looking to represent the swollen uterus, full of life. 

Then, I created and evaluated anatomical images, others more surreal, different compositions and color palettes, so I had to make a selection.

It seems to me a very beautiful metaphor, sometimes the creative process takes days, weeks or months to develop. It requires patience, changes, pain and joy. 

I sincerely believe that including AI tools in my work means a new artistic birth, a new perspective of creating, and at the same time, it is something that disturbs a bit because we don’t know how far it will go. The future of art is in the womb. 

Each image is scaled and enhanced using Gigapixel. Some have digital touch-ups using photoshop.