My work explore the narrative possibilities of the body focused on its routes, eroticism, gestures and movements. From everyday experience and self-exploration, I create a narrative from contemplation to the sensation of inhabiting the body, creating a sense of belonging in myself and the other. Likewise, I have developed illustrative series focused on the sexual experience, where the idea is to recognize sex as something natural, fun and healthy, as a reminder to normalize conversations about sexual relationships.

I am currently investigating the creative possibilities of artificial intelligence as a tool to express my content and how it influences my creative process.

Introspección desde los corpóreo, 2023 (Collective)
Golden Rabbit Gallery, Perú

Note to Self, 2022 (Collective)
Modafoca Galería, Dominican Republic

Arte en la Red, 2020 – 2021 (Collective)
Casa de América, Spain

Bitácora, 2019 (Collective)
La Mochila Cowork, Dominican Republic

Vernissage / Opening, 2018 (Collective)
Espacio AMPM, Venezuela

Rituales Cotidianos, 2016 (Collective)
Galería Maestro José Requena, Venezuela

Salón de Artes Visuales Barquisimeto, 2015
Galería Maestro José Requena, Venezuela

Entre Sentidos, 2015 (Collective)
Galería Julio Pérez Rojas, Venezuela

Cuerpos Sutiles, 2014 (Solo)
Hotel Tiffany, Venezuela