In this last chapter I wanted to focus on the birth of a new being, the product of joining an AI to my creative process. It was not easy, after generating many images I was able to obtain something that made me feel satisfied. I was able to generate the male bodies faster than the female ones. There is still a bit of censorship on the prompts.

I like the metaphor of this series. It‘s like when you meet someone and the emotion of love leads you to create without limits. The product of this union is something new and unique, something that I feel proud of.

These creatures coming out of the womb have created a new imaginary for me. The colors, textures and shapes are something that I was able to control, but the final result was something that I never could have imagined.

Thank you for joining me in this new process. I will continue working on more series. The future of art is here.

Each image is scaled and enhanced using Gigapixel. Some have digital touch-ups using photoshop.